Different Times: Week Four

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My fourth week of having to stay at home. If this continues much longer, I will have to come up with different headlines for my posts – it’s becoming a little repetitive.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in a friends’ garden (without my friends, we are still social distancing), realizing that I was beginning to lose my sense of time; how many weeks have passed now again? I wasn’t sure. However, I did remember that we are in the Easter week. Unless you consider next week to be the Easter week. Actually, it’s just a prolonged weekend and I am babbling.

The weather is wonderful and this week feels a little like a real vacation, despite the situation.

I had just a few meetings and phone calls. And the corona related pictures and videos are gradually being replaced by Easter greetings. However, yesterday I was sent a video that was new to me. (Turned out, when I passed it on, several already knew of it, but enjoyed watching it again anyhow.)

It is from 2014, so was not made in relation to the the situation now. Come to think of it, that is actually a little worrisome, because it is SOOO current. As I’ve always said, all this ‘new’ media and digital way of doing things has been totally overrated. We are calling your bluff now, digi-buffs! 😉

The title is A Conference Call in Real Life. It is hilarious. There is also An Email in Real Life – equally to the point.

How current these videos are you can see when you read the article ‘The Phone Slipped into the Bathtub’: Conference Call Tales on the BBC from March 30. Hilarious!

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