Quiztimate Round 1

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I have a quizcard board game called Quiztimate that I liked playing every once in a while in groups before we went online. Many of the questions led to further discussions on the respective topic a question referred to, which for me is the main point of all quizzes: hoping the questions are so interesting that we can talk about them, not just go for finding the correct answer.

I have found that online people are more likely to sneak out of a conversation whose aim it is to think together and discuss possible answers to questions, and instead go for ‘instant gratification’, or what psychologists and neuro-scientists call the google affect – my biggest enemy 😉

For playing online, I have scanned some cards, 9 per round; the answers will be in a separate post, perhaps. If I forget to do that, try to find the answers via internet research. But only AFTER having exhausted all conversational solution generating processes!

Some answers may actually have changed in the meantime. The game is from 2019, the statistics referred to are a little older. As far as I remember, though, not much older than from 2012.

Below you find 9 numbers. These are the answers in mixed order to the cards underneath. Try to match them.

26 40013338
994 050198
15018 6001 140

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