What will be different after corona crisis

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I believe this will be one of the topics of the coming weeks. The past weeks we have been talking about what the current situation is like for us. Most of my English class participants are in home office, so we talked about what that is like for us. I documented my own gradual development into doing my classes online over the weeks with the ups and downs, and adjustments.

Turns out, many of my students are not unhappy with working from home and say they will try to keep a higher amount of work time spent in home office after the corona situtation.

One of the interesting questions for me in this connection was and is WHY many of us – among those privileged to carry on earning money doing home office – are partly even happier than they were before. We’ve had some very open exchanges on this question, which touched upon what will, might be or stay different after the corona shutdowns/lockdowns on the one hand, but also relate to and question aspects of the lives we led or lead or have been leading (I’m not totally sure of my verb structure choice here).

Update on happiness levels of people in home office: Besides parents with kids at home who have been facing challenging times and whose happiness levels are therefore not on the upper side, I found another group that would rather go back to there company offices sooner than later: young people living alone.

Currently in Germany, but also in other countries, the discussions have begun on how to organize the exit from the various the shutdown measures. I wonder when someone will come up with a word for that like ‘coronexit’.

In the mean time we are still online and speculating about what will or might be different after the corona crisis.

Following is a list of pages and book recommedations:

How travel will be different

What will the world be like after coronavirus

The Guardian published an article about Warren Buffet ‘dumping’ his airline stocks. I intended to use this article as a trigger for a discussion on how travelling might change. Concerning the profit losses of airlines, it probably needs to be kept in mind that such a move by someone like Warren Buffet with the reputation he has might in effect – at least to a certain extent – lead to what he is assuming. (And in fact, I read a headline this morning that the share prices of airlines have dropped in consequence.) On the other hand, many agree that business travel will decrease dramatically after the current positive experiences with online meetings. Private travelling remains to be seen.

In this context of change, some books are interesting that discuss the question of quality of life in regard to our relationship with work and money:

How much is enough by father and son Skidelsky and Your Money, Your Life (revised edition by Vicky Robin. 2018)

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