Week Five

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In week five I have been mainly concerned with listing useful lesson links in the post below. The emotional side of things is best described as a roller coaster ride. The weather outside is really nice, if a little dry. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the only really disturbing thing these days are motor bikes.

Most people I speak to agree on two things concerning what they miss most and what they find best about our new way of life these days. What people miss most, of course, are other people, especially those they feel close to like relatives and best friends. After seeing colleagues only online for five weeks now, if seeing them at all, as the video function is the first to go if the connection is bad, people long to meet again in person.

One thing nobody misses are the commutes to work. The driving, trafic jams, long commutes of more than an hour – depending on trafic – but also shorter ones: good riddance. Routine driving, it seems, is not one of our favorite activities.

And with this comes an awareness and recognition of much better air quality. Blue skies free of air planes, less air pollution, less noise. Which brings me to the motor bikes. I hate them.

It seems every old bike has been revived due to the wonderful weather and the need for an occasional little outing alone or in pairs. And for reasons that totally escape me, many of them are very loud. I’m surprised they passed inspection.

We were hiking in a nice little park around a beautiful castle today, and the only noise came from them. Two young women in bikers’ attire crossed our path, coming uphill and cursing laughingly about their boots not being made for this kind of activity. They were good sports and friendly enough so I kept my vindictive little thoughts to myself. And, admittedly, we had also driven to our destination this day, deeming it a little too far for a bike ride.

But I drive the tiniest of cars that hardly needs any petrol. And it’s very quiet 😉

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