Happy Easter – A Little Easter Mix

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As Easter is approaching fast, here is a little selection of fun and informative things to do.

For pure information, wikipedia is always a good choice. However, as with Halloween, I found the History Channel’s pages to be more colorful. They offer a mix of accessable texts and short videos that are fairly comprehensible for upper-intermediate learners.

Some Easter sporcles to be thrown in:

Can you name the things represented by the colored eggs?

Which item is related to Easter, which one to Christmas?

Happy Easter Word Ladder This one is a little challenging, but good vocabulary practice.

A tool I have found and subscribed to is TEXTIVATE. I love to summarize or select exerpts from texts I want to read and discuss in class and have textivate jumble them up. You choose a number of tiles you want the programm to divide your text into and it subsequently jumbles them up. Via drag and drop function the reader puts the text pieces back together. The whole process is a fun challenge and offers a more intensive reading experience. I intend to arrange some Easter exerpts this way.

The progamm offers more tools for creating additional exercises. See also TextActivities – and newly extended version.

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