Dieticians: Topics and Lessonmaterial

For lesson sequence: Let’s talk about Food

Images of Food – describe what you see and add your favorite recipe

Nutrition, Health and Disease – Most common food related diseases according to current research

Body Parts Quiz

  1. Which organ/s is/are responsible for detoxification? _________________________________
  2. Which organ is the biggest? _____________________________________________________
  3. What is wrong with the image of moving sceletons? _________________________________
  4. Which organs is/are involved when people have diabetes? ____________________________
  5. Where are hormones produced? _________________________________________________
  6. Which organ metabolizes fructose? ______________________________________________
  7. What are the two different blood vessels called? ____________________________________
  8. What do zombies not have (I think)? ______________________________________________
  9. What kind of body part do (most) animals not have? _________________________________
  10. Where are blood cells produced? ________________________________________________
  11. Which body systems is resonsible for everything related to blood? ____________________________________________________________________________
  12. Which body part do soccer players protect the best? _________________________________
  13. Where does food go once it leaves the mouth i.e. we swallow it? ___________________________________________________________________________
  14. Which organ/s is/are essential for breathing? ______________________________________
  15. Which organ looks like a kind of food and gives that food part of its name _______________
  16. What is sometimes referred to as the motor of our bodies? ___________________________
  17. Which muscles commonly cramp after vigorous exercise involving lots of running? ____________________________________________________________________________
  18. What is a different word for vertebral column? _____________________________________    (keywords: vertebral column elearnin; also check e.g. liver elearnin; anatomy elearnin under videos – elearnin is a youtube based educational website)