Word(s) of the Year 2023

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This topic has become a traditional choice at the beginning of the year. Last year’s post provides a little background to the topic.

Several dictionaries choose a Word of the Year. The most commonly known:

  • Merriam-Webster
  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • Dictionary.com
  • Oxford Dictionary

Below is a selection of words listed in the sources above

  • deepfake
  • coronation
  • dystopian
  • EGOT
  • X
  • Implode
  • doppelgänger
  • covenant
  • indict/indicted
  • elemental
  • kibbutz
  • deadname
  • strike
  • rizz
  • wokeism
  • indicted
  • wildfire
  • hallucinate
  • prompt 
  • situationship 
  • swiftie 

And the winners ….find out yourself


Oxford Word of the Year 2023 | Oxford Languages (oup.com)

The Cambridge Dictionary Word of the Year 2023

Word of the Year 2023 | Authentic | Merriam-Webster

Dictionary.com’s 2023 Word Of The Year Is… | Dictionary.com

For the answers go to

2023 Words of the Year (edhat.com)


Word of the year 2023 – Oxford University Press – BBC News

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