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How to get cars out of inner cities? Watch Janett Sadik-Khan’s TED talk about an experiment she initiated as trafic commissioner in New York City.

Walkable Cities is another interesting TED talk in connection with this topic. Jeff Speck also wrote a book on the topic which he shares as a PDF file for free. Here a link to the PDF file on the internet.

On you find many more talks about alternative urban planning and new concepts for cities.

Eric Sanderson’s TED talk about his Mannahatta project is also interesting as is his book Terra Nova. Also check Jane Holtz Kay’s Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back.

I put a little Bicycle Quiz together. Originally, it related to a quiz I had found 2020 which has vanished in the mean time. We will have to research the answers on the internet together.

  1. Do you remember your first bicycle?
  2. History of the bicycle: When was it invented? What was it first called? 
  3. At the end of the 19th century, cycling was a wildly popular sport in which country?
  4. Which two famous brothers were hugely successful with their bike business at the time?
  5. Why do women’s bikes have no crossbar?
  6. What was the highest speed ever reached on a bicycle? Around 65, 120, 160 or 290 km/h
  7. How long is the longest bicycle race?
  8. Which country has more bicycles (per capita) than people?
  9. Which country has the most bicycles in absolut numbers?
  10. Which country is second?
  11. Where do 86% of this second country’s bikes come from?
  12. Where do all the old bikes go?
  13. How many Americans commute to work by bike?) How many Germans?  (Go to statista and try to find numbers.)


  1. When did the first e-bikes enter the market?
  2. Why is the pedalling energy not transferred to the motor or at least the battery? Or is it?
  3. What is recuperation?  

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