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Another great source are Ted Ed Talks. These are short, five minute videos covering various topics.

Here a list of some of my favorites:

Would you pass the wallet test? In this video we are presented with a moral or ethical dilemma asking how honest we would be in a given situation.

You can only save one – an ethical dilemma where you have a situation in which you can save only a certain number of people; I personally always feel uncomfortable with these kinds, but they do trigger intense discussions. I recently got an older one from a colleague that I have copied down below.

The Burger Murders is another one of the category ‘ethical dilemmas’, however, here you are not the master over life and death, but are asked to solve a crime mystery.

The Ethical Dilemma of Self-driving Cars

Another classic dilemma: Who should you believe?

Another are recently discovered are riddles:

The Multiverse Rescue Mission riddle

The Alien Pyramid riddle

The Rogue AI riddle

In each one of these you are confronted with a puzzle embedded into a little story. There are quite a few, so explore on your own.

Another category is History of….


History through the eyes of a chicken (or cat etc.) – just enjoyable to watch

Do politics make us irrational?


Rebuilding Civilisation

There has been a nuclear catastrophe. Everyone on the planet has died except the 20 people listed below. There is a small aeroplane with only 7 spaces. The airplane with take the 7 people to a desert island in the Indian ocean where they will rebuild civilisation.

In your groups you have to decide which 7 people will travel on the aeroplan.

  • A 50 year old male judge
  • A 25 year old female economist
  • The 52 year old Chief of an African tribe
  • The Chief’s pregnant wife
  • A 30 year old male professional ballerina
  • A young, male soldier from an island close to the one they are going to
  • A 35 year old female agricultural engineer
  • A 35 year old male priest
  • A 28 year old female opera singer
  • A 24 year old handsome, well-built man
  • A 25 year old pretty blonde
  • A 26 year old nun
  • A 37 year old male witch doctor from the African tribe
  • A 52 year old male psychiatrist
  • A 14 year old male child genius
  • A 27 year old female history teacher
  • A 32 year old male computer programmer
  • A 37 year old male biologist who specialises in the evolution of species
  • A 31 year old female painter
  • A 41 year old male banker

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