The Economist’s Annual Issue of the Year

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The World in 2014

Every year, the British magazine The Economist publishes a special issue that focuses on the events of the coming year. They write about upcoming events, things that might, could or will happen, and report on how on-the-spot their predictions for the previous year were.

This year, their selection of events around the world (Calendar 2014, p 32) was accompanied by a wonderful illustration by Kevin Kallaugher, their editorial cartoonist, and …

… that we looked at and discussed in several classes. It gave us loads to talk about. I cut up the events by months, distributed them in class and we tried to match them with the illustration.

One thing mentioned (that we actually did not find a reference for in the picture) was the UN’s announcement of 2014 as the year of Family Farming (besides crystallography and small-island development). Considering my focus on food from last year (and a strong critical look at the food industry in general and industrial farming specifically) I find this extremely interesting and will write about it in a following post.

For now here the link to the UN’s website, where you can also watch related videos:

UN’s Year of Family Farming

Year of Small Island Development

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