It’s Holiday Time

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And one of the questions we have been asking is: Has travel behaviour changed due to the pandemic and in light of climate change?

The question came up most recently when we were reading a mini-lesson summary in Breaking News on National Geographic’s article 25 Travel destinations for 2021. The original article is worth looking into as it has a wonderful display of photographs.

The spontaneous answer group participants gave to the question if travel behaviour had changed was: No. People (in Germany) were back to pre-pandemic travel behaviour they said. Someone in class knew someone working for Germany’s biggest travel agency who assumably confirmed this assessment.

But to go with my group of engineers who always question the validity of claims and want proof in data, so do I. I have found a page that collects data for the US – pointing out how difficult gathering data actually is – a point I really believe we should appreciate more when we complain about lack of data.

This topic is one of many that has come up in connection with climate change. See post on Green Cities.

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