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New English word? Translate any word using double click.

The big advantage of online meeting programmes, like Webex, Teams, Starleaf etc. is the ability to share files. When you are only using the phone, you can just both have your computer running in the background and go to webpages together if there is anything online you would like to look at or read together.

For this purpose I am using my blog as a teaching/sharing tool and listing those pages I would like to share so that I have them all in one place. I will not add those pages or links I have already set up in earlier posts like for instance Working from Home in my post on home office.

(Under constant construction – most recent addition June 30)

Meat Consumption, Climate Change and Pandemics

see also article in Scientific American: Root Cause of Pandemics Nobody Seems to Talk about

ESL/EFL Resources

Linguahouse has interesting stuff for teachers and students alike

Breaking news great resource for news related shorter lessons and loads of exercises

Difference JUST and ONLY


Plants and Flowers (in film titles) I went to this category after watching the video of the opening concert of the Barcelona Opera House after months of being closed due to corona. This is the greatest most fascinating concert I have ever seen 🙂

Plants and Flowers in Songtitles

Herbes and Spices

Who am I (picture click) Another one of those And another one (the easiest)

General categories quiz One out of four

Another one

Name the US States Find the US States

Images of words that end in -age

Match odd facts

Food quizzes: Pictogram foods Foodcubes Food in Movie titles Name the fruit by pictures of its inside

Foods that are White Red Green Yellow Orange Brown Pink Blue/Purple

Health and Diet (7) Technical terms

Body related quizzes Body parts in pictograms Name parts of digestive system Pop quiz anatomy Anatomy of the brain Match the body parts to the right category Body parts starting with L (advanced)

Around the house Put words into right categories Another one of the former

Film sporcles The Shining Psycho Hitchcock movies match the year American Werewolf in London (very difficult) Complete the film titles Actors of Marvel movies Bad movie dads Star Wars pick the right movie scene Match images from same movies Movies that feature contagious diseases and outbreaks

Not a sporcle quiz: The most popular Pandemic Movies

Match the images quizzes

Cartoon houses by pictures

Household objects by their pictures

Household items by pictures

History Match the image with the event

US politics and history Senate or House

Grammar and other fun language stuff Find mistakes Find mistakes on signs Elimínate the odd one out (challenging but fun) Grammar terms

John Hopkins University Corona Map

I can highly recommend the Financial Times free to read corona virus coverage.

The FT’s corona tracking page has many graphs visualizing the pandemic’s development, comparing countries, analysing reasons for differences in numbers etc.

Yuval Noah Harari’s article on the world after the corona crisis is also very readable, as is the article on the changes in our grooming and personal hygiene behavior in corona times.

FT article on the fate of cruise ships

Ted Talks: Playlist on viruses

Bill Gates Ted Talk from 2015

Alanna Shaikh Health Consultant on Why Corona Virus hit now and how to prepare for the next. This TED talk was already held in March. Highly recommendable!

Overview: A new perspective of how we change the earth The whole webpage is worth going to. I got to know about it from one of my students on April 22 in connection with Earth Day Thanks, Peter!

Overview page on cruise ships

Articles from The Guardian:

Fight Climate Change like the Coronavirus

There seems to be a marked difference in the way female leaders have been handling the corona crisis according to this article

The world might never be the same again after corona crisis, article from The Guardian, already written in March

This is not how it should be done: the new phenomenon of Social Distance Shaming

Swedes are expected to prepare for emergencies

Articles from the New York Times

Bikes sold out in New York City

Are you an extrovert or an introvert (and why it matters) This article and quiz is related to a TEDtalk from 2012 by Susan Cain; Quiet: The Power of Introverts. The issue has been revisited now in corona times in connection with how people feel about having to work alone from home. This is generally an extremely interesting topic and will get more attention from my side as it touches upon very basic questions of life and work and the false dichotomy thereof. It touches upon everything. People are questioning there lives and values and how we do things now and how we did them before. And why am I happier now. It touches upon topics dealt with in books with titles like: Your Money, your life; Living Well on Less; Enough is Enough. How do I want to live my life? Can we go back to the way things were? And on a more basic, profanely economic stance: Governmental support for the car industry? Are you crazy? Warren Buffet sells his airline stocks and so on. I was discussing all these questions with one of my one-to-ones this morning (May, 13). It was a very intense session (and I will try to write everything down that we talked about.)

Back to the introvert/extrovert continuum, I have noticed a difference in happiness levels (in lieu of a better term) between staff members, and employees in leadership position, something we also discussed this morning and that definitely needs some follow up consideration. One person’s gain might be the other person’s loss here. We will see. Definitely interesting times (especially and maybe only if you are in the luxurious situation of not being effected by the disease).

April, 19 World Health Organization Response Fund

April, 18 Global Citizens @ One World Together at Home – Benefiz concert online

NPR article on Benefiz concert One World Together

General links:

The Atlantic (added June 4, 2020)

A source for latest science news, also on corona: Science Daily

New York Times

Article from May, 18 on Germany’s handling of the corona virus and the difficult way out

NBC News

MSNBC (Rachel Maddow)

The Guardian


Ted Talks

The link above is to the main TED page. If you go to Fareed Zakaria’s Ted Talk, you will find more on the current topic.

Special pages:

April 17, CNN Corona Tracking

New York Times April 14 Newest on Corona

How the world could change after the coronavirus pandemic; Fareed Zakaria

Swedes are expected to prepare for emergencies. Article from The Guardian; includes link to the Swedish Emergency Brochure (that you can lownload as a PDF file for sharing with Adobe when using an online meeting programme like Webex or Teams).

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