To work or not to work from home

On the weekend, I read an article in the German FAZ ( ‘Der Unsinn des Home Office’) about the pro and cons of working from home versus working at the office.

It describes a study with which researchers wanted to find out who worked more efficiently: someone working alone, or people working in a team. They gave a group of students the task of enveloping letters. Some of them were paired up, others worked alone. Those in the team enveloped more letters than those who worked alone. Continue reading

How to get the blog to show on Internet Explorer 9

I just found out something quite curious. I was trying out the search function on my blog – I was looking for my post on the War of the Worlds: the page popped up and all the things on the right side bar as well. So, although not a perfect solution, to see the blog completely in Internet Explorer 9 you just type in part of a headline and it shows – black on white with all the categories, former posts, calendar etc.