A Guide to Support Ukraine

The article below offers a guide to digital tools and platforms the author considers safe to be used. It is free to be shared, which is why I have copied it onto my blog. The link leads you to the original on the internet.

Update March, 2

I learned, in the meantime, the function of this little book-shaped icon some browsers have ;-). So there was not need to copy the article. All you need to do is click on the little book, and – voila – all ads are gone. (I really didn’t know that and was obviously not curious enough to try it out. The button next to the book – the star+ – I use all the time.)

Donations, VPN, Refugee Aid – a guide to support Ukraine | heise online

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New Year’s Eve saw the passing of one of America’s most beloved personalities

She was also one of my all time favorites, mainly because I was a big fan of the Golden Girls. I always used to recommend watching the series to my English students. For one, I recommend sitcoms in general as they offer loads of language. They circle around the relationships between the people involved, and, different from many movies where imagery and actions are more in focus, these kinds of series offer exposure to lots of conversation and idiomatic phrases of everyday life.

In the 1980ies, watching the Golden Girls helped me reawaken my then slightly dormant first native language (German being my second). I watched and rewatched and could quote many passages of favorite episodes. I loved the way they bantered, bickered and fought, always to resolve their differences in the end. The topics they tackled were often serious matters of social concern, wrapped in a lot of humor.

But in the US, Betty White is not only famous for playing Rose Nylund. She stood for much much more; more than fans in Germany probably know.

In a little video, CNBC offers a glimpse of the person Betty White was. RIP Betty White and thank you!