Young Russians fleeing country

Adapted from New York Times, October 5, 2022

Below you find an adapted and abbreviated version of an article from the New York Times reported by Andrew Higgins. He describes the situation of many young Russian men who are trying to escape their home country in a desperate attempt to evade being pulled into a war they do not support.

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What is a week?

In the UK and several other countries, research institutes and companies are trying out different ways of working. One such project is the trial run of a four day week instead of the traditional five. Below you find an adaptation of the text from The Guardian, supplemented with a little gap-filling exercise.

One of the research institutes involved in this project is the thinktank Autonomy. On their website you find a little video titled Change the Week.

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Companies forced to change old structures

Below you find the link to a text that discusses changes in companies’ or employers’ attitudes towards the working conditions they offer their employees. How voluntary or not these changes are is a question worth discussing.

During the last two years, a phenomenon called the Great Resignation has been spreading. I believe it started in the US, but also seems to be affecting companies in other countries. It assumedly started during the pandemic and seems to have been triggered by the radically enforced changes in peoples’ lives. Their is a wikipedia entry devoted to the phenomenon Great Resignation that could be read in connection with the text below.

Some of the questions worth discussing in connection with the Great Resignation:

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A Guide to Support Ukraine

The article below offers a guide to digital tools and platforms the author considers safe to be used. It is free to be shared, which is why I have copied it onto my blog. The link leads you to the original on the internet.

Update March, 2

I learned, in the meantime, the function of this little book-shaped icon some browsers have ;-). So there was not need to copy the article. All you need to do is click on the little book, and – voila – all ads are gone. (I really didn’t know that and was obviously not curious enough to try it out. The button next to the book – the star+ – I use all the time.)

Donations, VPN, Refugee Aid – a guide to support Ukraine | heise online

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