Great Websites

Everytime I search the internet I (as probably everyone else) come across great pages I would not only like to recommend, but remember myself. I also often have pages recommended in class. Thus I will gradually add to this post.

One of those recommended to me and the class was statista, a page that collects statistical data from various fields of research.

One I like personally:

Things you missed in history

The next is especially interesting for those interested in insurance matters. It is a page at, a web site devoted to all terms and topics related to finances and economy. The one below lists the five largest US product liabiltiy cases with links to more ‘THE FIVE LARGEST….’ articles.

Khan Academy

National Geographic

Scientific American

The Annual Report of the World Economic Forum:

TED Talks This is Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year page. One of my favorite topics at the beginning of a year. Other dicitonaries, like Oxford Chose differently. There are overlaps in the respective shortlists, though. 

Collin’s Word of the Year was single-use. Oxford’s was toxic

Click on the picture below 🙂

Unusual words with surprising meanings


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