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In our last English class for dieticians we watched two highly interesting TED talks: Peter Attis on Obesity and Diabetes and Sarah Hellberg’s talk at a TEDx conference at Purdue University (Reversing Type 2 Diabetes).

Dr. Peter Attis discusses his change of attitude towards patients suffering from diabetes and obesity recalling an experience he had as a young medical doctor.

Dr. Sarah Hellberg describes her work in her clinic where she successfully treats obese and diabetic patients via dietary changes.

In both cases I printed out the transcript and we read parts of it before we watched the respective talk.

Depending on the level of the group and the time we have, we sometimes add English subtitles right away while watching. It also depends on what we are focussing on. If the content is in focus, I prefer subtitles as the main aim is discussion of the topic. If language development lies in focus, I will first listen without subtitles, stop inbetween to clarify the content, watch again with subtitles… the procedures vary.

I have also found an interesting Netflix series: Ask the Doctors

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