BBC World

New English word? Translate any word using double click.

The BBC homepage  provides a range of different kinds of information from current news to specific interests; different media (besides texts you find videos and radio broadcasts), a special page for learners of English, quizzes and many more; in short: great sources for your English improvement;

You can listen to radio broadcasts:

Under World Service you find specific offers for learners of English:

If you click on ‘more’ you find the category learning. From here you find further links to all kinds of subjects; e.g the history page:

Currently, at the link above, you can listen to and read an article about the current Barbie exhibition in Berlin.

Teaching Tip: if you have access to the internet in your class, this could be a very interesting topic for discussion. I will go there next week, when I have an internet session with one of my groups.

For learners of English the SIX MINUTES of English could be interesting.




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